Catwoman Collector Bust
And Magazine DC Universe

Catwoman Collector Bust And Magazine DC Universe

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Catwoman Collector Bust

From The Eaglemoss collection 

Statue and magazine 


Batman Universe Busts continues with Gotham City's most famous burglar, Selina Kyle, also known by her alias Catwoman!

This bust of Catwoman is the fourth in a collection of high-quality statuettes featuring Batman and his many allies and enemies from over 75 years of comic-book, TV and movie history. The pose is based on Catwoman’s appearance on the Adam Hughes cover of Catwoman Vol.3 #70, wearing the jumpsuit she debuted in Catwoman Vol.3 #1.

The bust comes complete with a 16-page magazine packed with information about your bust, read the publishing history of DC Comics’ feline femme fatale and don't miss three must-read Catwoman comic-book adventures.


  • Material:
    Metallic Resin
  • Width (cm):
  • Height with Base (cm):
  • Scale: