October Mystery Box

October Mystery Box

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October Mystery Box

Here is our October mystery box and after so much demand we have threw in some great x men pops too.

You will recieve one of the following pops or sets below per purchase and limited to 20 boxes total.


Pops included are...

1 x Waynes World  Hockey special edition 

1 x All for one Big Apple Exclusive MHA

1x Funko Sodas set of 3 (Joker, Pennywise and Kiss the Demon)

1 x 10 Inch Mandalorian and Child

1 x He Man on Battlecat 

1 x Mandalorian and Child TV Moments 

1 x Star Lord GID Collector corps Exclusive 

1 x Black Panther GID Collector corps Exclusive 

2 x Loki PX Exclusive Comic book day pops

1 x Joker 1989 Chase Pop

1 x Black Widow Collector Corps Exclusive pop

1 x Alexei Feom Black widow collector corps Exclusive pop

3 x Logan Exclusive From X Men Collector corps

3 x Mystique Exclusive From X Men collector corps 

1 x Pair of Fantastic Four Pops Human Torch and Mister Fantastic from collector corps 


**No other hidden cheaper pops are included and all pops listed are all thats in our mystery box for October.


Good luck.