Star wars unlimited spark of rebellion Single booster pack

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Star wars unlimited spark of rebellion Single booster pack

Released March 8th


Each booster pack for this game contains exactly 16 cards. Among those 16, one is guaranteed to be a leader card, and another is guaranteed to be a base (with an Experience or Shield token on the other side of it). That leaves 14 cards remaining that are pulled from the pool of “standard” (non-leader, non-base, non-token) cards.


Outside of the cards that are exclusive to starter decks, the cards in this game are divided into four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. In each booster pack, you will find 9 Common cards, 3 Uncommon cards, and 1 Rare or Legendary card. You may notice that only adds up to 13; add the leader and base card, and you’ve got 15. So, what is the last card in the pack?


The final card in a pack is a foil card, which will be a foil version of any card in the set (that can appear in booster packs). This foil card can be of any rarity, which means you could luck into a second Rare or Legendary card!


However, foil cards are not the only variants that can appear in packs. There is also a small chance that any of the cards in the pack are a “Hyperspace” variant, which gives them a special alternate frame that shows off more of the artwork!


Any card in a pack can be a Hyperspace variant, including leaders and bases. Even the foil card can be a Hyperspace variant! Keep in mind, the difference between a Hyperspace variant and the normal version of a card is purely aesthetic, so be sure to seek them out for your favorite cards.


There’s also an even rarer variant exclusive to leader cards: the “Showcase” variant, which features alternate art, a unique frame, and special foil treatment. Count yourself lucky if you manage to pull one of these elusive gems; they are few and far between!

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