The Batman Logo Light

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The Batman Light up Sign logo.

Is your room darker than the mind of the Riddler? Sounds like you need some help battling that dark night… and the answer, ironically, is the Dark Knight. Or, more specifically, this DC The Batman Logo Light!

Officially licensed DC merchandise, this logo light features the official logo from The Batman movie. And, it lights up with two different modes, being phase on or light pulsing. Plus, just like Batman, it’s not confined to the ground… though it can be used free-standing. But, it can also be wall mounted.

Batman is powered by his millions and a healthy dose of bitterness towards criminals. But, this light is powered by a choice of either USB, with the included cable, or 3 x AA batteries (not included).

So, if you’re ready to light the gloom like the Bat Signal on a dark Gotham night, order this The Batman Logo Light now!

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